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Wakatta Roundup Q1 2022

As we enter the second quarter of 2022, it’s about time to look back and summarize the achievements and activities undertaken during the first three months of this year.

Ecosystem development

Our team is on a non-stop mission to expand the reach of the Wakatta ecosystem. In the past quarter, we’ve been exploring and analyzing multiple alternatives in which our network can positively impact the businesses and communities of our most recent partners.

.ART Foundation: the web serves a unique place to get together and find like-minded people around the globe. And today, we have the chance to pick domains that represent our profession, line of business or beliefs. A few months ago, we partnered up with the .ART Foundation to enable seamless NFT capabilities to over 150,000 holders of .ART domains. With a community that largely consists of designers and artists, we are now working on features that will demystify non-fungible tokens and boost creative opportunities.

Roborace: the metaverse is blurring the line between what’s real and what’s not. And Roborace is making the most out of it to disrupt motorsports. The UK-based startup is raising the stakes on the future of racing through autonomous AI-driven vehicles and tracks enhanced by AR obstacles. Wakatta is building a bridge between Roborace teams and their fans by developing social tokens that can potentially influence races. Also, our network will add NFT functionalities so that artists can take their creativity to the circuit.

Blockchain development

Wakatta is now on a private testnet mode. In plain English, that means that our team is the one running the tests on different features. Lately, we have added an updated version of staking and launched NFT issuance mechanics and on-chain NFT auctions.

Our next step is the Incentivized Testnet Program. In fact, validators can already submit their application to take part of this challenging (and highly rewarding) competition. The launch date will be announced in the coming weeks.

Building interoperability

There are plenty of reasons behind our decision to build Wakatta using the Substrate technology framework. But one that really stands out is interoperability.

The Web 3.0 paradigm will heavily rely on interoperability between businesses, applications, and yes, metaverses. With that in mind, we decided to start connecting the dots (aka partners). Together with .ART Foundation, Roborace, and Sensorium, we created a cross-metaverse project that will take the global art community by storm. Find out all the details here.

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