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Wakatta Launches Global 3D Art Contest With .ART, Roborace And Sensorium

Wakatta is partnering with Roborace, the company behind the first electric autonomous-car racing series and .ART, the world’s top-level domain created for the international art and culture community, to host a worldwide art competition aimed at exhibiting 3D artworks and bringing the art world into the metaverse.

Taking inspiration from the legendary sports race car race, 24 Hours of Le Mans, The 24 Days Of L’.Art is an opportunity for 3D artists to exhibit their talents as part of Roborace metaverse races, which combine the excitement of physical racing with artificial intelligence and augmented reality to take motorsports to the next level.

The 10 most voted artworks will be added to the AR-enhanced racing tracks of Roborace as both collectibles or obstacles.

“Blockchain is having a profound impact on the way artistic pursuits are now unfolding. However, many still seem to think that the technology is hard to use or that it’s beyond access. We don’t believe that to be the case as Wakatta aims to be a fair, transparent, and intuitive blockchain that our partners can always count on. And 24 Days Of L’.ART is the right project to stand behind as we further our goal of delivering access to blockchain technology across the art world,” explains Wakatta’s Chief Marketing Officer, Alexander Firsov.

The 24 Days of L’.Art is also being promoted in partnership with Sensorium, the world’s leading entertainment metaverse.

In addition to helping digital artists gain exposure and engage with the metaverse, the competition will also help address some misconceptions about blockchain technology and its utility for creators.

“This event is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for creators to embrace the metaverse, push the boundaries of their imagination and start leveraging the artistic tools that will define the future of art, like virtual and augmented reality. As the metaverse becomes an increasingly structured platform, more creators will want to become a part of it - and The 24 Days Of L’.ART is the perfect starting point for those ready to dive right in,” says Sensorium Deputy CEO, Alex Blagirev.

Interest artists can submit their works until May 31st, 2022. All details can be found here.

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