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Wakatta Roundup Q1 2022
As we enter the second quarter of 2022, it’s about time to look back and summarize the achievements and activities undertaken during the first three months of this year.
Wakatta Launches Global 3D Art Contest With .ART, Roborace And Sensorium
Wakatta is partnering with Roborace, the company behind the first electric autonomous-car racing series and .ART, the world’s top-level domain created for the international art and culture community, to host a worldwide art competition aimed at exhibiting 3D artworks and bringing the art world into the metaverse.
Wakatta Takes Part In MetaWeek

Wakatta has taken part in the inaugural edition of MetaWeek, a week-long event in Dubai aiming at bringing together blockchain entrepreneurs, NFT creators, DeFi developers and AI experts from all over the world.

Top NFT Games To Date
Gaming is now more popular than ever. Thanks to a full-on pandemic and the rise of blockchain, gamers around the world flocked to the digital world in search of entertainment and financial rewards.
NFTs Trending In January 2022
The NFT craze has officially entered ATH territory. After a breakout year for non-fungible tokens, it seems investors and crypto enthusiasts just can’t get enough of it in 2022 either.
Beyond The Partnership: Interview With The .ART Team

Earlier this month, we were excited to announce our latest partnership with .ART - the world's top-level domain created for the international art and culture community.

Most Expensive NFTs Ever Sold
Investors and collectors flush of money are flocking to a whole new art world - NFTs. It might not exactly scream 'fine art' when you look at pictures of internet rocks, pixelated apes or a cat shooting a rainbow out its rear end, but this is what's hot now.
Wakatta Partners Up With .Art To Bring Nft-Powered Solutions To 150,000 Artists
ZUG, Switzerland, December 1, 2021 - Wakatta, an NFT-focused blockchain developed by Sensorium DLT, has announced a strategic partnership with .ART, the world's top-level domain created for the international art and culture community.

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